will protect your bitcoin transactions is the service to use when you want to keep your coin transactions anonymous and protect your privacy. Here are answers to some questions that will help you better understand the principle of work of the service. Read them to learn more about the best mixer.

Why do you need

A blockchain technology allows you to not only track each of your transactions but also see what amount of money is currently stored in your wallet. Bitcoin is a technology that essentially had to guarantee anonymity. In fact, it is the most open technology in the world that is carefully controlled and can be easily analyzed and tracked. Would you like it if the balances in your bank account were equally accessible to the general public? So, why should you like to flaunt your savings in bitcoin? In the end, it’s just dangerous – imagine what can be done with you knowing how much money you have? That is why the laws of many countries protect the privacy of personal life, personal data, as well as the privacy of correspondence and information about your finances.

How is BestMixer better than others?

On the internet, you will find plenty of mixers, however, the choice is narrowed if you look for a service with a serious attitude towards the client and large reserves. The is the most convenient mixer to use and has all the advantages:

  • A mobile version of the website
  • Unique mixing algorithms, replicating the input and output addresses
  • Lowest service fee
  • Use of various crypto currencies